Photo Charm 4 Bronze Pin


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This pin has a space for an image or initials at the end and can hold 3x mini images on the pin.

4x photo spaces or 1x initials and 3x images

The pin is 7.5 cm in length

Use it as a kilt pin in the bouquet, or even on the inside of the grooms suit jacket.

These are a great way for those special people to be a part of your wedding day. Or a great way to carry around a special memory, or to frame your family Tartan, something blue or a special memory you have. Our photo charms have a glass cover so the charm becomes a beautiful keepsake.
The price includes FREE Delivery in NZ and also we fit the photo for you. Once purchased simply email us the image you would like used and we will fit them for you and courier them to a NZ address.

A nice clear scan is preferred but a photo of a photo will also work.